It’s really agonizing to hear your baby cry. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize what for he/she is crying. The only means of communication of their feelings is by crying. One of the common reasons for baby’s crying is crying for milk, thirst, but it may not be always the same reason. The other main reason is due to gas pain, but before concluding, you should make sure that they are not crying out of hunger or thirst.

If the baby experiences gas pain, the cry will be sharper and intense.


Let’s see what the common causes of Baby Gas Pain are

  • Improper Feeding: One of the main reasons is improper positioning of breast or bottles while feeding, the baby swallows air.
  • Food Allergy: When Mother eats any gassy food, substances from the food you eat can appear in your milk and forms baby gas pain. Some babies are sometimes allergic to formula milk too, because they don’t get digested properly.
  • Lactose Overload: It’s often seen babies consuming large amount of breast milk and this may result in an unsettled baby with gas pain or constipation.
  • Excessive Crying: Babies often swallow air as they cry, the gas becomes worse. The babies with excessive gas problems have digestive difficulties.


Quick Remedies to Relieve Baby Gas Pain

  • Proper Positioning While Feeding: While breastfeeding hold the baby’s head with the crook of your arm. If you want you can rest your baby on your lap on a pillow which makes feeding comfortable.And while bottle-feeding raise the bottom of the bottle slightly to prevent air accumulation.
  • Try Burping: After feeding, it’s very important to burp the baby. You can burp baby in a seating position or patting on baby’s back slightly. Lay baby on your lap on his/her belly and massage on his back.
  • Grandmothers medicine: Heat both the sides of Beetle leaves and apply some Castor oil/ Coconut oil on both sides of the leaf and place the leaves on baby’s tummy, baby will be relaxed quickly. My grandma still uses this remedy on my daughter when she has gas problems.
  • Dried Sweet Flag (Vayambu):


A mixture of sweet flag roots and honey is good for stomach pain caused due to gas            and indigestion.


Note:  If the intensity of baby’s cry is high, a pediatrician may be consulted immediately.

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