Recipe: Food for Healthy Hair

As I promised in my last blog, that I will be sharing the food items which helps growing healthy hair. So I am keeping my promise today.

In my last blog I had shared with you the oil recipe which will help nourishing your hair from outside. In todays blog I will be sharing with you some of the food items which are very much essential for healthy hair growth.

So let’s begin with leafy vegetables which I think almost the kids and some Mommy don’t like or fail to include in there diets.

Leafy Vegetables

Some of them like to have leafy vegetables in there salads, as side dishes with rice etc. But some just neglect or avoid it.

I have some suggestions for those who doesn’t like to eat the leafy veggies in the above said ways.

They can grind the leafy veggies in the mixer and make them paste and while making dough for chappathi, roti, or puri can mix the paste with them. It not only tastes better… It’s also easier.

Curry leaves
Everyone put curry leaves while giving tadka. But when we start eating food we throw these leaves out, which we are actually doing wrong. Curry leaves helps in bringing black colour to our hair as well as shine to the hair.

So next time onwards think before throwing them out.

Amla (Gooseberry)

Amla(gooseberry) are one of the best medicine for hair treatment.

Three to four amla daily will show a drastic change in your hair growth.. It even helps reducing hairfall.

If you are like me… For eating a single amla It takes me a whole day to finish it.

Take 3 or 4 amla, grind it, squeeze out the water from it and drink it daily in the morning.


Every one like egg. Whether in the boiled form, omelette, etc. It’s also rich in protein.


A handful of nuts daily in your diet are good for health as well as for healthy hair.

Nowadays everyone are fond of having smoothies. If you can include a handful of nuts in that, there is no need to go behind the badam(almond) shake or granola bar available in the market.

These few food items are those which I have included in my daily diet.

Please share your views and comment below your suggestions.

For Homemade hair oil recipe click the link below:

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